Playlist: Roll on Summer

Pippa Smith 1 March 2017

As far as I'm concerned, once the carbohydrate highlight of Lent term that is Pancake Day whisks by, I'm basically just counting down the days to summer. Gone are the moody, downbeat tunes I used to help cosy up in winter and come to rest are the summeriest songs I can find. If you've not tried the summer-songs-way-before-they're-appropriate mode of attack on Easter revision and Exam term then this playlist could actually change your life (well, maybe).

But honestly, I'm a firm believer that boosting every sunny moment of springtime with music that makes you excited for the long summer evening and gorgeous sunshiny days can only be a good thing. There are certain songs that just sound better in the sunshine too. Mumford and Sons and Kings of Leon are two bands who, for me, epitomise relaxed summer vibes and so they make it straight onto our Summer(ish) playlist, along with 'Don't Look Back In to the Sun' by the Libertines.

Other favourites are golden oldies 'Walking in Memphis' by Marc Cohn and Don Henley's 'Boys of Summer' (Note: any song with summer in the title is basically a given). The melodic guitar lines of both of these tracks are instantly mood-boosting and cannot fail to make you yearn for sunnier times.

There's always room for some shameless cheese in pretty much any playlist, and here it comes in the form of 'Unwritten', by Natasha Bedingfield. The bright piano and motivational lyrics of this track cement it as a modern classic, and perfect for bright spring afternoons, even if you're only viewing them from behind the murky windows of the library.

Finally, a little something new. Every summer brings with it a swathe of summer anthems, usually slow burners released well before anything even remotely resembling a heatwave surfaces. My top picks for this year are Coast Modern, 'Comb My Hair' and 'Happy Family' by Sundara Karma. The trendy, indie sound both these bands make sits perfectly with a glass of Pimm's or an ice cream. It might not quite be time to indulge in these treats yet but you can definitely get a head start on the music. Warmer and brighter times are doubtlessly making their slow way towards us, why not celebrate with some absolute tunes?