PM visits Cambridge to pledge support for science and technology

Prishita Eloise Maheshwari-Aplin 21 November 2016

The Prime Minister was in Cambridge yesterday, 21 November, to tour the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, which houses facilities at the forefront of Cambridge’s research into genome organisation. This visit followed her speech the CBI's annual conference in London, where she announced a £2bn Government investment in R&D in order to ensure that the standard of science and technology research in the UK maintains its high standards.

This funding is part of a new Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, which will be distributed over the next four years and aims to back ‘priority technologies’, such as robotics and biotechnology.

"Our modern Industrial Strategy will be ambitious for business and ambitious for Britain”, The PM commented. "It is a new way of thinking for government – a new approach. It is about government stepping up, not stepping back, building on our strengths, and helping Britain overcome the long-standing challenges in our economy that have held us back for too long.”

It is hoped that via this new fund, the UK will position itself into leading technological research on both a global and commercial stage.