Podcasts to Get You Through Lockdown

Astrid Godfrey 12 May 2020
Image Credit: wallpaper flare.com

With all this ‘free time’ in lockdown, I’ve been looking for things to fill the hours. Podcasts are great to listen to whilst walking, cooking, or doing art. I’ve always loved podcasts and have written two articles with recommendations for TCS before, but with this time away from university, I’ve found some more that I think are worth listening to.


Off Menu

The Off Menu podcast, hosted by Ed Gamble and James Acaster, interviews celebrities asking them about their favourite starter, main, side, drink, and dessert. In the dream restaurant, anything goes. People interviewed range from comedians, to successful chefs, even to politicians so there’s a great back catalogue for you to look through. The podcast is really funny and makes for some great easy listening.


iWeigh with Jameela Jamil 

Jameela Jamil interviews celebrities and talks about issues that our generation feels are important to speak about, from body image, to Twitter trolls, to staying positive in lockdown. Her interview style is really genuine and the topics covered by the strong, inspirational women she interviews are so vital to talk about. The podcast is surprisingly uplifting as, at the end of the episode, guests ‘weigh’ themselves, not in pounds or kilograms, but in what brings them self worth. I can recommend starting with Aisling Bee’s episode: she talks a lot about harnessing the power of our menstrual cycles and why we are less or more productive and creative at certain times of the month.


Made of Human 

Sofie Hagen’s podcast has been running for a long time, but I’ve only just discovered it. This means that there is a huge back catalogue of episodes from a wide variety of guests to keep you going through lockdown. Sofie’s interview style is really conversational and endearing. She asks each guest where they are exactly in their life at the start of each episode, drawing attention to the fact that their interview would not be the same if it was done even a day or couple of hours later. She talks a lot about body image and weight in a really enlightening and empowering way and I cannot recommend this podcast enough.


Louis Theroux and Katherine Ryan have both got new podcasts out too which might be good – I just haven’t got around to trying them yet. Happy listening!