Poem: Lifting From A Star

Famke Veenstra-Ashmore 23 March 2022

I want to lift you from a star:

prise you off its surface,

and capture my own tiny cosmos.

I want you to watch me with awe:

like Frieda and the Moon,

and praise what we’ve created.

It’s always a brief moment

recollection, my collection,

a network of new beginnings –

but it always comes back to you,

bruised with sheepish glances:

smiling like little corners.

To feel your weight above:

observant and special,

returning each breath in my lungs,

and give in to dark.

Grasp that quiet, and let things unravel

in silent spirals, echoing,

threading the light, a needle

enjoining us and enjoying us,

practising our craft.

Looking up, see petals fall

and cascade in freckles,

laced across my face.