Poetry: Illuminating

Ella J 26 October 2017

On a frozen night,

I once saw the Great Bear rise.

Then I froze

as darkness stirred

the Goddess of the Dawn.

Wisps of magic


from a silent expanse,

as vast shimmering arcs

swooped above silent shadows

that speckled the white satin sea.

Translucent reds, pure pinks and greens;

hazy violets and blues swished

and swirled

and danced,

then charged

headlong across the deep black velvety void,

billowing like sails.

Some say they are the old souls,

whispering across the years

and riding the solar wind

for an eternity of light.

Humbled and rooted

by nature’s brilliance, I watched,

eyes wide, now aware of my insignificance.


these wispy particles

dissipated like the first rays on fog,

fizzling first,

a sky on fire,

then flickering, and


they were



The Goddess of the Dawn sleeps

as the Great Bear falls.

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