Police clamp down on cyclists

Jonathan Laurence 10 November 2007

Cambridge police have stepped up the fight against cyclists riding without lights – by handing out £1500 worth of fines in just two hours.

Constables gave 51 riders £30 fines, and warned another 20 who only had one light displayed on their cycles.

The fining spree came straight after police said they would mount a “high-profile enforcement campaign” targeting “extremely dangerous” cyclists who ride without lights.

PC Steve Hicks, who headed the operation, said: “We will continue this zero-tolerance approach for no lights and will expand it for the many other cycle offences, such as ignoring red traffic lights and going through no entry signs.

“We need to change the attitude of cyclists who do not see the danger they are placing themselves in”, he continued. “The message is clear: light up or face a lighter pocket.”

The officer also claimed that bystanders welcomed their tough new approach. P.C. Hicks said: “Many members of the public and other cyclists stopped to say thank you for our zero tolerance of offenders riding in the dark without lights.

“This behaviour causes accidents and in some cases, even death.

“It is important cyclists understand the need to display lights for their own safety and that of other road users.”

Another top police officer said that cycling without lights was a matter of serious concern to all Cambridge residents.

Inspector Jon Hutchinson, from Parkside station, said: “Everyone…in Cambridge will have tales about that cyclist they nearly hit because they just could not see them. The bottom line is, cycling without lights is just incredibly dangerous.”

Every week, a cyclist is either killed or seriously injured on Cambridgeshire’s roads and last year 448 riders were injured while cycling.

Jonathan Laurence