‘Pop man’ avoids graduation embarrassment

Rebecca Alldridge 24 April 2014

A CamFM DJ received a scare this week when Cambridge University informed him that the name ‘Pop Man’ could be printed on his degree certificate.

This followed a temporary name change via deed poll as part of a challenge for his show. Phin, a third year theologian who hosts CamFM’s Sunday morning show titled ‘Phin’s Barmy Brunch’, recently set himself the challenge of playing every UK No. 1 single between 1950 and 2014 on air before graduating, promising to change his name permanently to ‘Pop Man’ should he fail to achieve his goal.

Speaking to The Cambridge Student Phin explained his decision to take on the challenge: “Cambridge can grind you down at times so I wanted to take on a challenge to spice up my radio show … with the added twist that I change my name to Pop Man if I don’t manage to complete the challenge of playing every hit.”


Yet on Monday, Phin received an email from the University warning that, because degree certificates are printed so early, his temporary name change could result in “the wheels being put in motion for your degree certificate to be produced in this name.” 

Phin was quick to ensure this wasn’t the case, contacting the Student Registry directly, though he told TCS: “There is a part of me that wants to see Pop Man on the degree certificate; that’s the part that wants to be on the dole for the rest of my life.”