Post-Varsity Boxing match interviews with the captains

Gerald Wu 11 March 2013

Speaking exclusively to TCS Sport after the match, Oxford captain Tom Eliasz could hardly contain his delight after a dramatic evening of high-octane boxing…

Sum up your feelings after the impressive victory?

TE: It feels fantastic to come to Cambridge and win. OUABC has put in so much effort from the start of the season, slowly building up to this match.It feels great that all the hard work paid off. Boxing is different from other sports such as football and hockey where you play weekly matches. We boxers only have this one off match and it is very satisfying to win.

When Cambridge closed the gap to 4-3, did you fear the worst?

TE: Well, not really. We knew when we came here that the crowd was going to have a big impact on the outcome. I don’t want to criticize the judges but in these situations having 50-50 fights are not enough to win. We have to win outright and that’s what we did tonight.

The Varsity match is done now, so what are OUABC’s plans for the future?

TE: Just keep continuing. I am not sure. I probably won’t be back next year but we’ll see.

Over in the other corner, Light Blues captain Borna Guevel was visibly disappointed but gracious in defeat…

Tough loss Borna, how would you sum up the evening?

BG: It’s disappointing, but we knew Oxford was always going to be strong. We thought we had done enough, but tonight was just one of those things where it’s not enough. Most of the bouts could have gone either way but we could not come up with the goods in the key moments. We could not have done much more. We are gutted but we won’t have changed much.

Do you have any regrets over your loss?

BG: yes, it is tough when you train the whole year for this match. My legs were gone, could not feel it after the first round. There was nothing I could do about it. I really thought this would be our year.

What are the plans for the future?

BG: Tonight we were unlucky. We just have to keep going and bide our time. We have changed the boxing culture in Cambridge so we hope to continue that. I will still be around for next year, but not as captain anymore.

What aspects of the culture are you referring to?

BG: I trained 10 to 11 times a week for this match. I dieted as well, so that was tough. We have increased training and became stronger throughout the year. We have a really good account for ourselves tonight and we should stick to this route.

Gerald Wu