Potts elected as Union president

19 June 2008

Jennifer Shaw

Deputy News Editor

Livvy Potts has triumphantly defeated four male contestants to become the next Cambridge Union president, following the first online elections in the history of the Society.

In a landslide victory, Potts clinched the position of Lent 2009 President with 246 votes under the first preference system, beating her closest rival Myles Jerome Stacey by 108 votes as well as candidates Dominic Benson, Hugo Hadlow and Mark Higgins.

Twenty-year-old Potts, an English student at Corpus, promises “fun, glamour and first class debates”. As Senior Officer for Easter 2008, Potts had solid experience of securing speakers and promises to send invites to political leaders such as David Cameron and such stars as Angelina Jolie.

Potts also aims to continue the substantial refurbishment that will kick off next term, assuring she will see through the renovation of the Chamber and the Bar.

Speaking to The Cambridge Student (TCS), Potts rejected the suggestion that being only the 23rd female president in the history of the Society might prove a disadvantage: “I hope to bring a combination of glamour and non-adversarial cool-headedness as President.”

Potts is also confident of her ability to avoid a repeat of the infighting for which the Union has recently been notorious:

“A united front is not difficult when everyone is on board, and willing to work with each other.”

“I look forward to a term of productivity and progress and hope for fewer front page articles!” she added.

Her closest competitor, Myles Jerome Stacey, was penalized a further five votes for claiming in his manifesto to have experience unmatched by any other candidate. Speaking to TCS about his experience of the new voting system he said: “Being a front-running candidate in the first online election in the history of the Union felt somewhat like being the subject of an experiment.”

“It was difficult in trying to master a campaign strategy as none of the candidates had any past indications or lessons to instruct them how to perform best,” he added

“Any real honorable character should congratulate Miss Potts and that is what I have done.”

Michaelmas President Adam Bott has high hopes for the future of the Online Voting system:

“Despite some teething problems I think on the whole it went well. We had one of the best turn-outs ever for an Easter election, and my aim is to increase turnout to over one thousand next term.”

Potts will be joined by Tom Chigbo as Treasurer, Julien Domercq as Senior Officer and Rosie Shimell as Ents Officer. Two uncontested senior roles were also decided, with Pat Aske winning the position of Senior Librarian and Michael Brown as Senior Treasurer.