Pre-Boat Race fixtures released

Akshay Karia 29 January 2014

The fixtures in advance of the BNY Mellon Boat Race and Newton Women’s Boat Race – otherwise known as ‘the Boat Race’ – have just been announced.

The Cambridge Blue Boat, a term used to describe the highest ranking or ‘first team’ rowers, will have the chance to compete against British and international opposition, including two top clubs, Leander and Molesey. The men’s Boat Club will hold a press day on 16 March to allow supporters to follow the men’s Blue Boat Race against Moseley.

For the first time, women’s clubs will complete two of their fixtures on the Championship Course, the stretch of the River Thames where the famous ‘Boat Race’ is held. Teams often like to practice in this particularly difficult-to-navigate section of the river, commonly referred to as the ‘Tidaway’.

Their Tidaway fixture will be held against the Thames RC, whose recent winning form is indicated by their multiple victories in the Fours Head.

These fixtures will come three weeks in advance of the televised BNY Mellon Boat Race fixture against Oxford, on the 6 April. The women’s race will take place in Henley a week earlier on the 30 March.