Image Credit: 2030 via ADC Theatre

An Interview with the Ghost of 2030 Past: a tongue-in-cheek preview from the writers of the show itself

2030, the Week 8 ADC Late Show, will be performed Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th pf March at 11pm. Tickets are available here.


Ghost: Greetings, I am the Ghost of 2030 Past.

Interviewer:  Thank you for joining us today, Mr. Ghost, what brings you to this mortal coil?

Ghost: I come with terrible warnings from the moderately-near-future. As the Ghost of 2030 (Days of Future) Past (featuring Wolverine), I alone know the terrible truth about what will occur 11 years from now.

Interviewer: What about 10 years from now?

Ghost: No can do.

Interviewer:  12 years?

Ghost: ‘2031’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it as ‘2030’, you know?

Interviewer: What sort of terrible warnings do you have in store for us?

Ghost: The melting of the ice caps, for one.

Interviewer: Ah, unfortunate – as expected.

Ghost: The burning of the rainforests.

Interviewer: Horrifying.

Ghost: Then the consequent arresting of the rainforests for arson.

Interviewer: Good to hear justice was served.

Ghost: Acid rain in the west. Alkaline rain in the East. The centre celebrating its finest harvest to date.

Interviewer: So 2030 isn’t all bad?

Ghost: Of course not – I feel like there’s a tendency for futurists to see the future as an arid hellscape. There’s good things amongst the bad too. I’m just interested in telling a few home sooths. Which, as a soothsayer, is par for the course.

Interviewer: Very wise. Where can readers behold more of your visions of the future?

Ghost: I’ve constructed a time portal that will conveniently open at 11pm Saturday 15th and 16th March in the exact location of the ADC Theatre. It also looks a lot like the ADC Theatre too, except all the drinks are free.*

Interviewer: Thank you very much for your time, Ghost of 2030 Past.

Ghost: My pleasure, future President of the United States of America Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Interviewer (has been The Rock this whole time): I’m going to become President?

Ghost: I’ve said too much! Farewell!

*free to buy! In exchange for money!