Preview: A Glitch in my Code

Alexander Butcher 12 February 2019
Source: Camdram

A Glitch in my Code: Written and Directed by Anna Shmatenko

This week’s Corpus late show represents an innovative attempt to get to the heart of the highly relevant issue of automisation and the implications of artificial intelligence. Set on a university campus in a not-too-distant future where intelligent robots have become commonplace in every household, the story documents the developing relationship between Ian (David Barton) and his recently purchased android, Felix (Lara Cosmetatos).

Aided by his friend Alice (Sophie Challonder), Ian is forced to question how such a lifeless object can seem so human, and has to struggle with the growing traces of emotionality and independence that he detects in his android. Ultimately, these growing tensions will be forced to come to a head, with several unexpected developments injecting considerable tension and suspense into the plays final scenes.

Student written, snappy (it’s run time is only a very manageable 45 minutes), and employing a small cast: the play is intimate, exciting, and highly watchable. The cast also bring real life to the enterprise, with Lara Cosmetatos particularly fine when grappling with the emotional difficulties confronting the play’s centrepiece android.

A Glitch in My Code: February 12-16, 21:30, Corpus Playroom