Preview: Cambridge Shorts: ‘The Chair’

Rose Aitchison 15 October 2017

'The Chair' is about a girl at a Cambridge house party. The girl, Chloe, played by Martha Cook, finds herself in a position with which we are all to an extent familiar: alienated from the other partygoers and filled with an acute sense of being uncool and unwanted, a dropped stitch in the otherwise close-knit world of the party. Following her socialite best friend Becky’s advice to integrate herself, she finds herself talking to another guest who appears to be similarly part of the furniture of awkward and forgotten onlookers, deemed fatally ‘weird’ by the other partygoers.

Lucy Cole, the director of 'The Chair', tells me that the film deals with issues of social exclusion. She says that one of her least favourite things is the tendency to ‘judge slightly ‘weird’ people and deem them uncool. Cambridge is full of oddballs. That makes our time here far more interesting and exciting, and everyone should be given an equal chance when it comes to making friends.’

Lucy was incredibly modest in her introduction of the film to me, saying that she had no idea how it was selected to be part of Cambridge Shorts: I do! 'The Chair' is one of the best student films I have had the pleasure of seeing. It is unpretentious, funny and cleverly plays with the idea of whether we as an audience should suspend our disbelief rather than trusting our first impressions, and how this should inform our judgement of other people in relation to our own prejudice. And I liked the inventive repurposing of household materials when rolling the credits, too. 

'The Chair' will be screened at Cambridge Shorts, Tuesday 17th October, ADC Theatre, 11pm.