Preview: Churchill Spring Ball

Munira Rajkotwalla 30 January 2018

‘Tis the season! With the infamous Cambridge May Balls slowly releasing their tickets, you’re probably unsure (as are the rest of us) of which ball you should invest your money in. Fear not – TCS is now bringing you exclusive interviews with the organisers of the balls themselves with inside scopes on Ents, Food and Drink and Deco to make sure you get your money's worth. 

We start with Churchill’s Spring Ball, the first event of the year – tickets are currently live (only £88!) and will be held on the Saturday 10 February at Churchill College. We spoke with presidents Arnav Rawat and Jamie Howie, ents officer Ellen Fox-Davies and arts and decoration officer Sabina Firtala.

“What are you most excited about?”

President: I’m excited about all of it! I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. Being president, I’m most excited about just seeing people enjoy themselves!

Ents: I’m excited about running and setting up all our music acts! We’ve got the headliner, Zak Abel, who has been featured a lot in the press recently and is definitely a rising star. He's quite different from people we’ve had before; he’s much more up and coming and very well known!

Deco: I'm particularly excited about the range of food and drink which the team have organised. There's going to be some very fancy treats!

“Why should people come?”

President: For a variety of reasons: first of all, the date! It’s in the middle of Lent term which is probably the hardest in terms of work load for a lot of people so this is a great way to break up the term in Week 4. 

Ents: We’ve put a lot of effort into Ents this year. There’s going to be lots to do! Without giving too much away, we’ve got things like the Churchill Casino and ball pit which is all unique. The music is going to be amazing as well. 

“How are you thinking of interpreting your theme “Illuminate”, since it is quite an abstract concept?”

President: We've gone two ways with the theme: – there’s the futuristic element with lighting stuff up but then there’s also like candlelit settings. It’s quite a broad theme so we’re trying to use various aspects of it especially to match Churchill’s history and the college’s background in terms of how the previous years have been quite mysterious. We want to show you the transformation. We want the whole college to be related to the theme, we want it to be illuminated everywhere! The college won’t even be recognisable.'

Deco: Churchill has a very cool atmosphere. The lights are going to really complement the college and show it in a completely new light. 

“What about sponsors?”

President: Drinks-wise our sponsor drink is Mastiha which is imported straight from Greece! We’re planning to have a bar full of cocktails made from that spirit. It’s quite a high-quality drink that is not readily available from the UK so we've specially imported it for you guys! We’re going to have several wonderful cocktails being served throughout the night that my food and drinks team have loved. The fab Churchill Casino and QPay are our other sponsors. QPay especially will make the queueing much more convenient; all people have to do is scan a barcode and they’re in. There’s not much of a hassle.

“Overall, how would you characterise the Churchill Spring ball?

President: I would say it’s an alternative ball experience: ours is mostly indoors, in a modern college which gives us a lot of scope to give you a ball with a very different feel. Churchill parties hard – so there’s going to be a great party atmosphere to look forward to with lots of food, drink, entertainment and an exciting headliner at a considerably cheaper price than say John's or Trinity.