Preview: Don Giovanni

Kiki Betts-Dean 12 February 2014

Mozart’s Don Giovanni chronicles the sexual exploits of the charismatic Don Giovanni as he uses seduction in a futile attempt to overcome his own mortality, but is ultimately forced to meet his terrible fate. It is undoubtedly one of the best-loved operas of all time; the classic tale of sin and damnation is told with an extraordinary mixture of tragedy and comedy which makes for a theatrical experience that is both entertaining and deeply moving. The large cast of principals and chorus make it an ideal show for students and its musical richness allows us to take advantage of the uniquely high standard of singing in Cambridge.

Director Emma Wilkinson has brought a new twist to this classic favourite, transferring the timeless tale of Don Giovanni to Britain on the eve of victory in the Second World War. 1945 presents an ideal backdrop for a re-imagining of Don Giovanni. The paradox of darkness and renewal that characterises Britain on the brink of victory brings a new perspective to this classic moral story of sin, punishment, and redemption. The atmosphere of this production will be dark and moody, with a set design evoking the era of the Blitz, allowing the aesthetic of the production to highlight the more sinister themes in the work.

The production will be conducted from the fortepiano by Patrick Milne with his newly founded Alba Orchestra, who received a 5 star review for their inaugural concert at West Road last term. Featuring some of Mozart’s most memorable operatic writing, it is sure to be a musical tour de force from the talented cast.

For anyone who loves opera, this is not to be missed. For anyone who has never seen an opera, this is the place to start! Offering a night of comedy, romance and supernatural drama, the Cambridge University Opera Society production of Don Giovanni will be nothing short of seductive.

Don Giovanni will be showing at West Road Concert Hall, Thurs 20 – Sat 22 February, 8pm | Sat 22 matinee, 2pm