Preview: Frimston and Rowett: A Sketch Show

20 May 2012

This Tuesday, former Footlights Robert Frimston and Edward Rowett will return to where it all began for one night only. TCS caught up with Ed, one half of this dynamic duo, to hear all about it.

So, tell us about the sketch show.

We’ve been writing together for three years; we did our first Edinburgh show last year, and are heading back up with a new one this summer. The show we’re bringing to the ADC will be somewhere between the two, a collection of our favourite things we’ve written over the past three years.

In terms of style, it’s maybe something of a throwback: I think we’re more gag-based than a lot of sketch comedy that’s around at the moment. We’ve always been big fans of people like Fry & Laurie and ‘Not The Nine O’Clock News’, and the verbal dexterity of the kind of routines The Two Ronnies or Abbot & Costello used to do. Whether that means we’re reviving a lost art, or makes us hopelessly out of touch with what people want, I’m not sure. Either way, it feels like we offer something a bit different.

Why did you decide to return to Cambridge?

I’m studying for an MPhil here at the moment, and I was sick of coming to London all the time for gigs, so I decided to make Rob come here. Beyond that, we actually met for the first time in the gents at the ADC (I know that’s bit weird), and did our first sketch there (on the stage, not in the gents…), so I think it’ll always feel a bit like our spiritual home. That sounds ridiculous now I’ve said it, but I fear it’s true. We’re sentimental old fools.

What are you up to at the moment? How’s the world of comedy been treating you?

Well as I’ve given up on the real world and come back to Cambridge, and Rob analyses TV viewing figures for a living, it’s pretty glamorous. We’re currently working on a children’s TV project, which is exciting, and gearing up for our next assault on the Fringe.

Is performing in Cambridge different to performing elsewhere?

Performing in front of students anywhere is always reassuring, as they tend to make the most enthusiastic crowds. Also everyone gets the same references, which helps – we did a Fireman Sam sketch the other day to a sea of blank middle-aged faces. In terms of Cambridge specifically, I think people are maybe more receptive to things that are a bit out there there’s so much innovative comedy writing that goes on here, so people are usually prepared to go with things that are more unusual.

Why should the good readers of TCS come along on Tuesday?

Because Frimston will take his shirt off at some point. And more importantly, he’ll then put it back on again.

Frimston and Rowett: A Sketch Show comes to the ADC on Tues 22nd May at 11pm.