Producing a musical at Cindie’s: an unexpected joy

Blanca Schofield-Legorburo 13 May 2018

A cure for Week 3 woes is rarely more desirable than in exam term. An evening out of the library is a fool-proof way to calm the nerves as Tripos looms. Of course, the Cambridge theatre scene far from hibernates during Easter, but ‘Merrily We Roll Along’ being performed in Cindies next week is the craziest show we could ever dream of putting on.

I have been lucky enough to produce this masterpiece of Sondheim genius. Venturing into the depths of an empty Ballare during the middle of the day is certainly not how I envisaged this term playing out. To pay the club a visit without the intention of spending a few hours “dancing” next to several perspiring individuals makes a welcome change, especially as I’m sure a full dance floor would have made the job of discussing transportation of a piano rather problematic.

Ever identical to the professional world, my role as producer forced me even to miss brunch in order to go on a charity shop crawl. A difficult task, but je ne regrette rien – if our costumes don’t blow you away then we’ll have to have a serious talk about opulent ‘60s New York chic.

If you’ve ever wanted to see the Cindies DJ booth used to its full potential (of representing, briefly, a cruise ship), now is your chance. If you’ve ever wanted free entry to the club on Thursday or Friday included in the price of a ticket to a show from the ADC at its very best, you can’t miss this opportunity. 

We can’t offer you a classic Wednesday Cindies, but we can offer you Tuesday to Saturday musical theatre delight. ‘Merrily’ is indeed a show like no other. We see scenes from the lives of characters who have given up on their dreams told in reverse chronological order. As the show goes on, the drama highlights those nostalgic moments from a simpler time in our lives. For more relatable content, buy your ticket, get your Sondheim on and come to Ballare with us all this week!