Psychic Abilities

22 February 2008

Spirituality gets a lot of flak nowadays. After all we not only live in a secular country but the academic milieu is a hot spot for rationalism and atheism. Olivia Wilkinson talks to some of Cambridge’s resident mediums to explore the truth behind our preconceptions.

I can spook myself out with the best of them. As soon as the music becomes sinister in any film (especially Disney) I’m hiding behind my jacket. I can’t go into the UL on my own after night because it’s so darn creepy (that place would be great for a horror movie with a mad axe man running after a lone student through the stacks.) Nevertheless, I know that this is just me scaring myself: I don’t believe in ghosts, spirits, the afterlife or anything along these lines. The little I know about Near Death Experiences was gleaned from the sterile environment of GCSE Religious Studies. I am a confirmed sceptic yet I am well aware that for many people spirituality shapes their lives. This is no magic conversion story in which I become immediately convinced but the experiences of the mediums I interviewed shows that spirituality is not about shuffling through Tarot cards in a gypsy’s caravan anymore but about making the most of one’s own life in the here and now.


Kylie Holmes is a Past Life Regression therapist and an Intuitive Angel Therapist. She is currently working on a book called Intuitive Children, Children who see beyond the Veil, to be published in January 2009. She is available for Angel Parties, one-to-one readings, one-to-one spiritual empowerment and development classes and workshops. (

Lina and Charlie Chillick are the founding members of 2worlds paranormal, which carries out investigations on properties believed to be haunted. Find out more, including paranormal investigations that took place at The Granta and The Eagle, at


Can you briefly explain what you do?

Kylie: Past Life Regression Therapy is the recalling, reliving and re-experiencing of Past Life memories. This therapy is frequently successful in tracing the past causes of present day stress. For Past Life Regression Therapy it is not necessary to believe in past lives/reincarnation. Sometimes we find ourselves repeating behaviours that are not productive, sabotaging career opportunities or having relationships that seem damaging. Through hypnosis, Past Life Regression can open windows to the unconscious mind where memories of past lives are stored. An Intuitive Angel Therapist is another great way to get in touch with your Angels and receive the assistance required to live a life filled with Divine Guidance and Well-Being. These readings work by bringing forth angelic information to help them on your Soul Path Journey helping you to make the best choices for yourself.

Charlie: Our focus is as paranormal investigators. Our aim is to find evidence through scientific means. We use mediumship and psychic evidence as a means to back up scientific data and vice versa. The techniques we use range from Clairaudience, clairvoyance, psychometry, clairsentience and empathy. When all these abilities are used together then a stronger link is made to allow a spirit or passed over loved one communicate more clearly.

Lina: We are both very level headed. In terms of techniques, I generally pick up on feelings associated with a place. How this happens I don’t know and I won’t attempt to explain-it just happens when I walk into somewhere I get impressions. The same happens when I talk to people.

When did you first realise you had these abilities?

Kylie: I was at a real low point when the angels helped me open up to a more spiritual way of life. In 1991, when I was only 20 years old and told my boyfriend that I was pregnant, he walked out on me to be with someone else. The stress caused me to miscarry and I ended up trying to take my own life. When I was in hospital, beings of light surrounded first my hospital bed and then my life. The angel who visited me told me that I would survive and that this experience would inspire others, rekindle their own faith in their own lives and re-focus their life beliefs. While in hospital, I initially put this experience down to medication, but in my heart I knew that someone was looking after me. Since then, I teach others about Angels from my own experiences.

Charlie: My interest in all things paranormal began in my early teens with films like Poltergeist and Ghostbusters. I have a vivid memory of me running around my house chasing my brother with a vacuum cleaner hose trying to suck up a ghost. My ability started when I was 16 years old. I would travel into Cambridge on the bus every Saturday, and I would spend the day in all the bookshops that had a paranormal section. I would buy books on how to develop psychic ability, and when I returned home I would hide in my bedroom and practice and practice every lesson contained in these books.

Lina: I began by using a crystal ball and learning the tarot. I have always been interested in the paranormal and began by the age of about 6. Eventually intuition takes over.

Can anyone do this?

Kylie: Everyone has intuition. Everyone has a sixth sense. When you walk into a building/restaurant/pub you often feel that the atmosphere is right or you just want to leave in an instant and this is when you tap into your “gut feeling”. Your own intuition can work as a warning device and tells us things consciously, but it registers in our minds. Dogs can hear a high pitched whistle that humans can’t. Similarly Psychics, Clairvoyants and Mediums are also on a different frequency, which allows them to connect to spiritual dimensions and pass messages on to others that have passed over.

Charlie: My opinion is that we all have this ability from birth which continues into childhood. An interesting theory about children’s imaginary friends is that no one else can see them, especially adults but what if this imaginary playmate was not imaginary at all. How would a child know the difference? The brainwave frequency of children changes into adolescence and with this change we lose that ability to see and hear spirits. When that happens we then have to train ourselves to be able to operate at a lower frequency, thus opening up that ethereal link with the spirit world. We can all achieve this level of communication with dedication.

Is there an afterlife? What’s it like? Should we be scared of it?

Kylie: In the case of Past Life Regression, some people fear going to the light because they may have been burned to death in a previous incarnation and the brightness of the light re-stimulates the fear. Some call this place, the “interlife” where our lives are planned for our next incarnation. People who have experienced Out Of Body Experiences and Near Death Experiences describe it as place of light and energy where Angels and loved ones that have passed over reside.

Charlie: I would hate to think that once we leave this life then that’s it, nothing. There are so many different accounts of what the afterlife is like, extremes such as meeting loved ones, gaining knowledge from heavenly beings and experiencing our own personal Hell are some of the reported experiences. I would not like to speculate on what awaits us. I will find out when my time is up. I think that if you have lived your life as honestly as possible then I feel that you have nothing to fear. Being scared is a personal emotion, the key is to remain positive and embrace the experience.

Lina: Well, that is the million dollar question isn’t it? I don’t know, certainly I’ve witnessed some strange things but there are many theories on that and I am open to all possibilities.

Can your future change? How important is destiny in determining what happens to us?

Kylie: Many people want to ask questions about their future. I, for one, can not really predict what is going to happen. The Angels state that they do not do fortune-telling readings but feel that it is up to the individual to make a decision about having children or getting married for instance. It all comes in the end to Free Will. The main aim is about thinking clearly and going out into the world and getting what it is that you require. Free Will is all about the choices we make every day and how we choose to live our lives in the present. Free will teaches us to know what’s right and to set a code of ethics and behaviour by which each of us, as individuals, can live comfortably.

Charlie: I believe that we walk a path, and on this path we come to crossroads, whatever path we take next shapes our life until the next crossroads. Our destiny is to find out why we take a certain path and not others. Life is about learning and experiencing emotions good and bad.

Lina: Of course! I believe that we shape our own futures, we are in control of our destiny. It’s a cop out to suggest that fate is at play, although there have been times when my belief in this has been tested. I believe that certain events are mapped out but ultimately only an individual can control how these events affect them.

What would you do/say to convince a sceptic?

Kylie: Nothing… Everyone has different belief systems and I do not feel it is appropriate to try and “convince” anyone.

Lina: I would never convince anyone of anything. I believe that people should be free to believe in what they want without being the subject of ridicule. So long as it does not harm anyone.

Charlie: Everyone has the right to their own beliefs or disbeliefs. People are skeptical for a reason and trying to convince someone who only wants to pick holes in something they don’t understand is just an exercise in futility. To a believer no evidence is needed, to a skeptic no amount of evidence is enough.