QAF Preview: The Singh Twins

Ben Philipps 5 March 2019
Image Credit: Queens' Arts Festival

As the phrase ‘past modern’, their description of their artistic style, might suggest, the Singh Twins (Amrit and Rabindra to those in the know) aren’t averse to a bit of playful messing with convention. Raised in Birkenhead but deeply connected with their Indian and Sikh heritages, their art is immediately recognisable. It is colourful, and small, and busy, and often mixes cultural influences with seemingly no regard for coherence. Of course, that’s the aim. Their work (and it is always their work – the Twins reject what they see as an unnecessary emphasis on individuality in contemporary art) is precisely about the beauty and value of incoherence; about how sometimes, the beauty is in the plurality.

Slaves of Fashion

Their new exhibition ‘Slaves of Fashion’ features a foray into the burgeoning world of digital art: eleven of the works are ‘digital fabric’ displayed on lightboxes, whilst nine are paper, and together they explore the legacy of colonial-era trade in modern consumer culture. The exhibition and its name are designed to provoke, in the sense of thought and in the sense of emotion.

Queens’ Arts Festival

On Wednesday (March 6th), the Twins will be talking about this exhibition as part of the 2019 Queens’ Arts Festival, their discussion will include a short film and lots of visuals. It would be an understatement to say this is the sort of opportunity that doesn’t come around very often.

The Singh Twins: Slaves of Fashion

5.30pm Wednesday March 6th, Bowett Room, Queens’ College