Queens’ JCR to hold a referendum on CUSU affiliation

Tom Richardson 29 May 2016

The co-presidents of the Queens’ College JCR emailed students on Sunday promising to deliver on their election pledge to hold a referendum on CUSU affiliation. Attached was a “fact-based document and not an opinion from the JCR” outlining the consequences of disaffiliation.

Earlier this year ‘QUEXIT’ posters began appearing around the college, posted by an anonymous source after the Tab reported on discussion in a CUSU-linked self-help forum.

However, in their email, the co-presidents suggest the push has been “made actually relevant by the NUS referendum”.

This comes on the eve of a narrow victory for the ‘No’ side, with several allegations made against CUSU for its light-touch handling of referendum rule infringements, including the use of pre-existing email lists in support of both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigns.

 In a Varsity poll before the referendum, Queens split equally, with 44% both for and against NUS affiliation.

Yesterday Peterhouse, which reportedly broke far more clearly against the NUS, with 77% polling for disaffiliation, also saw a push for a referendum on CUSU affiliation.

This story is breaking and may be updated.