Quick and quirky Christmas gifts

Alice French 28 November 2016

Say no to socks, chocolate, and candles and think outside the box with your Christmas gifts this year! Here are our top five picks of quirky presents for your nearest and dearest:

1) Toast ‘n’ Egg ‘n’ Beans Toaster

Made by tefal and sold on Argos for just £29.99, this magical contraption cooks two pieces of toast, poaches an egg and heats up baked beans simultaneously. The stuff that dreams are made of? Probably.

2) Smartphone projector

A wonderful gadget that allows you to project photos/videos/TV shows from your smartphone on to the wall. Brilliant for watching compilations of Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s greatest moments with your flatmates. Find one for £25 on Urban Outfitters

3) Grow-your-own four leaf clover

The phrase ‘you make your own luck’ has never been truer. You can now buy your least fortunate friend a little helping hand in the form of their very own grow-at-home lucky charm. They are being sold on Amazon for a fiver.

4) Lava lamp

The lava lamp is very much back en vogue this year, and it is the perfect gift for anyone striving to maintain a ‘wavy’ aesthetic. We all secretly yearn for the days when one would fall asleep hypnotised by blobs of moving lava, rather than frazzled by the glare of a laptop screen. Why not give someone the gift of nostalgia this Christmas and get them John Lewis’s rainbow lava lamp? It comes in at £25.

5) An iguana

Following the first episode of David Attenborough’s Planet Earth 2, baby iguanas have taken the world by storm. What’s not to love about a young reptilian hero escaping the clutches of his snaky pursuers? For the iguana admirer in your life, the WWF offers the option to adopt your very own wild iguana for just £44 – thank goodness for that.