Quidditch flies into Cambridge

Colm Murphy 28 August 2014

A  Cambridge Quidditch team is about to become a reality, as two postgraduate students are attempting to create the first ever Quidditch Club for the university.

Posting on one of the facebook Freshers pages, Angus Barry and Stefan Dannino called on new and current students to join the “newest and bluest Quidditch team in town”. The pair, MPhil students in African Studies and Polar Studies respectively, are former undergraduate students of Oxford University, and were both members of Oxford’s Quidditch Club.

In collaboration with Oxford Quidditch, they also plan to set up a Varsity match in Michaelmas 2014. The potential of a Quidditch face-off between Britain's oldest universities prompted Barry and Dannino to establish the club, along with the fact they “love Quidditch”.

The news has been met with delight by many Cambridge students. Second year Magdalene NatSci Lizzie Pearmain was especially happy. “This is great. I was really looking forward to playing Quidditch at uni, and was disappointed that Cambridge didn’t have a team. The Varsity match is going to be awesome!”

Real-life Quidditch, or ‘Muggle Quidditch’ as it is sometimes known, has been a sport since 2005 – when it was first played in Middlebury College in Vermont, USA. The rules of the game are governed by the International Quidditch Association (IQA). Barry, speaking to TCS, described it as "unique" – a "contact mixed-gender sport. It combines elements of dodgeball, rugby and handball."

If you want to give the sport a go, the facebook group is here.