RAG clash with Big Fish Ents over Valentine’s Day clubbing events

Caithlin Ng 13 February 2018

RAG has expressed dissatisfaction with Big Fish Ents, a purveyor of student entertainment, regarding Big Fish Ents’ Let’s Kill Valentines clubbing event on 15 February. The event will be hosted at Lola Lo, and will coincide with RAG’s Blind Date after party at Kuda.

According to RAG, the Let’s Kill Valentines clubbing night is a slight by Big Fish Ents, following some discord over their working relationship. The RAG committee had made a year-long contact with Kuda in Michaelmas 2017, in hopes of working with other charitable societies in Cambridge to raise funds.

The committee then arranged their year’s calendar of events with Kuda in Michaelmas, including the Blind Date after party. RAG Blind Date is an annual fundraising activity that matches students across the university, with students paying £5 to participate. This year, RAG has planned an after party at Kuda to round off the night for those who wish to attend. Students will receive discounted entry if they present their Blind Date form at the club before 11pm.

However, Big Fish Ents reportedly approached RAG in Lent term and expressed “annoyance” that they had not been chosen by RAG to work with. They also requested the Blind Date after party be moved to another date, given that it clashed with Big Fish Ents’ Thursday Lola Lo night.

RAG declined because of their contract with Kuda and the effort that had already gone into publicising the event. According to RAG, Big Fish Ents “accepted this and expressed wishes of working with us next year instead”.

However, Big Fish Ents announced their Let’s Kill Valentines event over the weekend, and stated in their publicity that students will receive free entry if they present their Blind Date forms.

Regarding this occurrence, RAG said, “RAG is extremely disappointed to see that a company we have previously worked with is using our Blind Date forms as a marketing strategy to encourage students to attend their event instead of ours. Unfortunately, this is likely to impact on our ticket sales and therefore how much is generated for charity.

“Our Blind Date team have worked hard this year to create an event that should raise around £10,000 for our charities and it would be a shame to see these totals reduced due to reduced attendance at the after party.

“We would like to encourage students to use their Blind Date forms to get reduced entry into the Official Kuda After party (£2 before 11pm and £5 thereafter) where students can end their date.”