Re-Cap: CUSU Michaelmas Elections Hustings

Noella Chye 30 October 2017

The CUSU Michaelmas Hustings Elections were held at 5pm at Mill Lane on Monday, October 30th, for positions on the Union Development Team, Education Team, Access and Funding Team, Welfare and Rights Team, and Ethical Affairs Team, as well as for the Ethical Affairs Officers, all of which have two places, and NUS Delegates. 

The two candidates for the Union Development Team were Angela Xia and Miranda Hewkin. For the Education Team, two candidates ran for elections: Matt Kite and Jason Okundaye. 

Three candidates ran for the Access and Funding Team, including Shannon Bernard Healey, Faria Tabassum and Dominic Caddick, and five for the Welfare and Rights Team: May Zhan, Stella Swain, Danielle Bradford, Felicity Kersting and Carolyn Irvine.

For Ethical Affairs, the elected Officers take charge of leading those elected to the Ethical Affairs Team, for which three candidates, Elyem Chej, Fleke van der Spek and Jin Choi are running. Those running for Officers include Dylan Amin, Andrea Reyes Hernández and Ellen Pearce-Davies. 

The hustings ended with that of the NUS delegates, for which eleven candidates are running for five positions. They are Martha Krish, Ed McNally, Lola Olufemi, Florence Oulds, Laurie O'Connel, Miriam Gauntlett, Keelan Kellegher, Carine Valarché, Angus Satow, Connor MacDonald and Daniel Davison-Vecchione.

The university is given six positions, one of which is allocated to CUSU President, Daisy Eyre.

Following each delegate candidates' opening statement, Eyre asked each of them three questions. First, 'What will be your guiding principles?'; second, 'What is the best thing that the NUS has done in recent years?'; and third, 'What would you like to change about the NUS?' 

After this, a question was taken from the floor. Its phrasing was criticised by candidates for its pointedness at an individual running for election, concerning the need for candidates to support claims on their manifestos with evidence of support or experience. One candidate declined to answer the question. 

NUS delegate Carine Valarché told TCS, "It was a surprise to me how personally I was targeted at the hustings tonight. It made clear to me why so many young women feel reluctant to put themselves forward in politics.

"I was repeatedly singled out throughout the event for things that were barely related to my campaign until I felt I could no longer stay. I was made to feel unwelcome.

"This isn’t the student politics i knew existed and it doesn’t represent me and i don’t believe it represents the views of most students here at Cambridge.

"I am more committed than ever now to run a campaign that speaks to students who have never been involved in student politics before. If you agree with me, vote for me this Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday (before 5pm) – that would be swell."

The full TCS Liveblog can be found here. 

Voting opens at 9am on Tuesday, October 31st, and closes at 5pm on Friday, November 3rd.