Ready to Make Waves: Boat Race Crews announced

Charles Martland 22 March 2015

Three weeks before this year’s much-anticipated BNY Mellon Boat Race, which takes place on April 11th, the Cambridge and Oxford Men’s and Women’s crews were revealed officially at a joint event in London.

In the men’s boat, Cambridge appears to have secured an early advantage, with the crew weighing in an average of 5.25kg per man heavier, as well as having an extra five centimetres in height. The Light Blues women’s crew will be wary, however, of the Oxford team boasting Olympic Champion Caryn Davies, who will add strength, height and experience to the boat.

This year’s race will, once again, feature multiple nationalities between the four crews. A strong cohort of British and American athletes is backed up by the O’Connor brothers from New Zealand in the Dark Blue men’s boat, whilst Swiss-born Nadine Graedel sits in Seat Five for the female side. The Cambridge women’s crew also sees Canada and France represented.

Several returning Blues have been unable to secure their place for this year’s Boat Race, in the face of extremely stiff competition. Luke Juckett, Matthew Jackson, Joshua Hooper, Henry Hoffstott and Ian Middleton do make a return in the Light Blues’ boat, whilst Melissa Wilson, Claire Watkins and President Caroline Reid are back for the women’s race.

All is now ready for this year’s BNY Mellon Boat Race, when Cambridge’s men will be looking to avenge a heavy defeat in 2014. A clash of oars led to Oxford winning the event by eleven lengths, the greatest winning margin since 1973. The Newton Women’s Boat Race will kick-off proceedings on the 11th at 4.50pm, before the men’s race follows, beginning at 5.50pm.


The crews in full:


Position Name Weight (kg)
Bow: Jasper Holst – 86.8kg

2: Luke Juckett – 85.2kg

3: Ben Ruble – 84.8kg

4: Alexander Leichter – 99.0kg

5: William Warr – 94.2kg

6: Matthew Jackson – 94.0kg

7: Joshua Hooper – 92.6kg

Stroke: Henry Hoffstot –  91.2kg

Cox: Ian Middleton – 53.6kg 

Total Weight Ex. Cox 727.8kg 
Average Weight Ex. Cox  90.98kg
Total Weight Inc. Cox 781.4kg
Average Weight Inc. Cox  86.82kg


Position Name Weight (kg)
Bow: William Geffen – 82.2kg

2: Thomas Swartz – 76.6kg

3: Henry Goodier – 88.2kg

4: James O'Connor – 83.4kg

5: James Cook – 83.8kg

6: Michael DiSanto – 90.8kg

7: Sam O'Connor – 88.6kg

Stroke: Constantine Louloudis – 92.2kg

Cox: William Hakim – 54.6kg

Total Weight Ex. Cox   685.8kg
Average Weight Ex. Cox  85.73kg
Total Weight Inc. Cox  740.4kg
Average Weight Inc. Cox  82.27kg



Position Name Weight (kg)
Bow: Hannah Evans – 69.2kg

2: Ashton Brown – 80.8kg

3: Caroline Reid – 66.0kg

4: Claire Watkins – 71.2kg

5: Melissa Wilson – 77.8kg

6: Holly Hill – 78.8kg

7: Daphne Martschenko – 76.4kg

Stroke: Fanny Belais – 60.8kg

Cox: Rosemary Ostfeld – 49.8kg


Total Weight Ex. Cox  581.0kg
Average Weight Ex. Cox  72.63kg
Total Weight Inc. Cox  630.8kg
Average Weight Inc. Cox  70.09kg


Position Name Weight (kg)

Bow: Maxie Scheske – 66.6kg

2: Anastasia Chitty – 69.6kg

3: Shelley Pearson – 70.0kg

4: Lauren Kedar – 75.4kg

5: Nadine Graedel Iberg – 72.4kg

6: Emily Reynolds – 67.4kg

7: Maddy Badcott – 74.0kg

Stroke: Caryn Davies – 78.4kg

Cox: Jennifer Ehr – 50.4kg


Total Weight Ex. Cox  573.8kg
Average Weight Ex. Cox  71.72kg
Total Weight Inc. Cox  624.2kg
Average Weight Inc. Cox  69.36kg