Recipe for a Perfect Night In

Freya Sanders 27 April 2014

It’s exam term, and for the ambitious student, Cindies is off-limits. The next eight weeks will be physically, emotionally and financially draining. When the occasional hour (or four) of down-time surfaces, all that the average student will want to do is wriggle into a onesie and adopt the foetal position. Here are some other elements that can ensure your rare and joyfully anticipated nights off don’t end up being massive let-downs:

Domino’s – an obvious necessity; surely you haven’t quite made it through the stack of coupons you acquired at the freshers’ fair? If you tragically have, proceed to element 4 (and seek help); if not, indulge in discount cheesy goodness.

Ryan Gosling – another source of cheesy goodness, there’s someone on every corridor with a secret stash of Gosling material. Seek them out. Exploit them ruthlessly.

Truth or Dare – although maybe just the truth bit- daring may be difficult without coming out of the foetal position.

Pombears – I hope you just let out a nostalgic sigh to indicate that you, too, had forgotten about the existence of these tasty little imps. A night in offers the chance to unleash your inner child, so get thee to Sainsbury’s and stock up on these crispy cretins. Cadbury’s Animals can also do the job.

The College Cat – because who doesn’t love a furry bundle subtly dictating your every move when the going gets tough?

Ben and Jerry’s – one of the consequences of being students and having no freezer is that we have to eat our Ben and Jerry’s in one go. What a pity.

Sporcle – if you just can’t stop your brain teeming after a long hard day in the library, why not impress everyone with how few capital cities you know?

A travel brochure – expound and dream about all the fabulous places you’re going to go when all this is over.

Makeovers – ladies, do your best impression of a slumber party teen queen and reach for the nail varnish and hair curlers, à la St. Trinians. Male friends need not be excluded: it’s about time to get revenge on the ones that refused to do a #makeupselfie.