Restaurant server 'punches' student

Jonathan Laurence 9 February 2008

Jonathan Laurence

A student has alleged that he was punched by a staff member of a Cambridge restaurant in the early hours of Saturday morning.

But the restaurant worker in question claims that the graduate student undid his flies and “started pissing on the property”. He has also said that he pushed the graduate

rather than hit him.

And the 22 year old graduate says that he only pretended to relieve himself, in a “drunken attempt” to convince restaurant staff to let him use the toilet. The owner of the restaurant concerned said that their toilet is regularly closed off for safety reasons.

When one of the student’s friends re-entered the premises, the proprietor reportedly said “What would you do if someone tried to piss on your property?”

It is alleged that the student’s lip was split, and that he was left bleeding. But the restaurant chief claimed that these injuries were not caused by his staff.

After the incident occurred, the student was taken to Addenbrooke’s hospital in a paramedic car. He arrived at the hospital at 2.30 am, and waited four hours to be seen by a doctor. The 22 year old was then successfully treated by a specialist two hours later.

The owner of the restaurant was quick to defend his actions. “We have principles here,” he said. “No one wants to see what that man did. We have food, and if people are making our customers sick, then we have a responsibility to protect them.

“He wasn’t right to do what he did. Sometimes you have to put people in order. We always try to be nice, but we’re only human”, he added.

“And I really love what I’m doing. But we will not tolerate people like that.”

The student conceded that he “could have been slightly more tactful”, but said that he believed the restaurant

staff’s actions to be “grossly disproportionate and violent”.

“I guess they didn’t want me to use the toilet because I was a little bit drunk but I was far from over the top and was certainly not wasted,” he added.

But the restaurant owner said that he still believed the man’s actions to be unacceptable. “I have kids who are both students, and I know what it’s like. Lots of people are drunk here, and none of them feel the need to act like that,” the proprietor claimed.

The crime has not yet been reported to the police, according to both the student and the restaurant staff.