Review: Anthony

Landi Wagner 7 October 2014

From the moment you walk into the Corpus Playroom you are drawn into a manic world in which you simply don’t know which actor to look at. A chaotic prestate including a toy car, juggling pins and a decorative skull leave you with the distinct impression that you are in for a good time, even if you are still none the wiser of what exactly you are letting yourself in for – I’m still not sure about the toy car… The cast interacted well with audience members during the beginning, judging their capacity for invasion of personal space  well and pushing it as far as individuals were willing to go. However when the show begins the action wisely shifts away from the audience and the focus returns almost exclusively to the five self-described ‘semi-fresh comedians’.

From then on, the sketches flow with incredible pace and energy. Scene changes are efficient with the audience barely gasping their way back to normal breathing before the next sketch begins. Particular mention must go to Eleanor Coleville whose simpering office boss leaves the audience desperately trying to stifle laughter so that they wouldn’t miss a line or break the mock intensity of the scene. Jamie Armitage also shines in a sketch filled with witty references to Charles Dickens’ best-loved works.

 The show also does not shy away from more risqué jokes; one sketch delighting in the untouchable topic of the Klu Klux Klan. However. Such humour was greeted by an audience thrilled to play along with the “you can’t say that!” factor. 

 With the sheer volume of sketches the cast have devised some will obviously fall slightly flat in comparison to others, however these are just less memorable on the walk home which can still be happily filled reminiscing about many favourite moments – this is the smallest of criticisms. Anthony is the perfect way to get yourself back into the world of Cambridge theatre; there is no better show to demonstrate the incredible talent and originality. 


'Anthony'  is playing at the Corpus Playroom at 9.30 pm until Wednesday. Get your tickets at onlin ar