Review: Back to the 80s

Gemma Sheehan 4 March 2017

The play opened with classic eighties music, getting the audience in the mood for the cheesiness to come. Theatre can be a lot of things, and this particular piece of theatre was certainly entertaining. Despite not being the slickest of plays, the cast made up for this with their passionate dancing and the sheer energy that emanated from the stage. The dances were fantastically choreographed and the characters carried them out with the maximum effort.

The storyline was a typical American high school drama, with love interests and the obvious teenage cliques. The audience became increasingly invested in the story, to the extent that they booed the stud when he messed the girls around. The costumes were brilliantly colourful and vibrant, adding to the atmosphere and bringing the eighties back to life: it was a great opportunity for a nostalgic journey back to the eighties, and the cast captured this era to the best of their abilities. 

Back to the 80s was quite frankly hilarious, and the crowded audience responded well to the slapstick humour that the exaggerated acting provided. The acting successfully conveyed the extreme divisiveness of American high school students, and the brutally immature ways in which adolescents treat each other.

The choice of music was great, containing the most prominent songs from the era. The play harked back to the period with a whole host of cultural references, with the audience responding especially well to the Star Wars scene, bursting out in laughter. The cast did not take themselves too seriously, which only served to heighten the humorous nature of the performance.

Another aspect which contributed to the foundation of the performance was the band, which served as the (sometimes-wobbly) glue for the play. The music provided cohesiveness to the actors’ dramatic stories and joined the scenes together well, bringing the acting to life.

Overall the performance was pure entertainment and seemed to be a very fun experience for everyone involved. This was especially true for the cast themselves, who had a ball running and dancing around the stage with more energy than is feasible so late on a Friday night. If you're looking for a lighthearted, chilled out evening of laughter and nostalgia, this is the show for you.