Review: Beauty Spots

Charlotte Furniss-Roe 14 October 2014

Beauty Spots is the brainchild of Orlando Gibbs and Jamie Armitage, a pair who endear themselves to the audience through their respective awkward and bouncy styles.

In stand-up, there is no substitute for good material, and Gibbs is sometimes funny, and sometimes hilarious. At times the show seems relatively simple and immature, but this is not necessarily a criticism in a room of 19 year old Cambridge students on a Monday night. The material is finely tuned to the audience and evokes their awkward secret lives – a topic Gibbs touches upon in one of his lively songs.

Despite his awkward persona, Gibbs does not get flustered if something falls slightly flat (which occasionally happens) but instead maintains pace and draws the audience in. His self-deprecating style works well in the small Corpus Playroom; he is personable enough to laugh off any mishaps with a quick and humorous explanation.

Armitage's particular brand of comedy is wildly different. Songs still feature but overall he is wackier, incorporating mime, audience participation and a spray-bottle charmingly named Colin. Yes, this makes little sense, but such humour aligns well with Armitage’s alternative style which is not exactly ‘laugh out loud’ wit, although this does feature and is great when there. Instead Armitage’s style consists of interesting stories and ideas. This approach is helped by the introduction of a delivery style that seems to overlay the rhythmic beats of performance poetry onto comic material, which is not just entertaining but rather spellbinding.

Beauty Spots is short but sweet; crazy but thoughtful. Both comedians bring their talents onstage with spot on deliveries, making potentially lukewarm material into something that feels fun and special.



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