Review: Bounce

Amelia Holloway 25 June 2018

On the evening of the 17th June ball gowns and delicate culinary delights were put aside for jeans and a BBQ for the Queens’ annual Bounce. Bounce ditched the sophistication of May Week with a night of live music and bouncy castles to appeal to the child within, providing a welcome break in the midst of May Week intensity.

This year was Hawiaan themed, initiated with brilliant ‘message in a bottle’ invites placed in pidges. Such attention to detail, however, was not carried through to the event itself where decorations were rather minimal, as can be expected from a small budget event. But ample entertainment more than compensated for this, and Erasmus lawn was filled with three types of bouncy castles including an obstacle course and gladiator duelling ring. Additional entertainment was comprised of limbo and scattered space hoppers, as well as a photo booth complete with fun props to instantly commemorate the night. Minimal queueing maintained the animated atmosphere throughout the evening and posed a favourable contrast to much of May Week.

Two food and drink items each were included in the ticket price. Additional purchases could be made via cash or CamCard ensuring the drinks were kept flowing, whilst quality was maintained – no watering down in sight; another favourable contrast to many May Balls. The BBQ included a vegetarian option, and could be followed by ice-cream and popcorn, however food did come to an end fairly early in the evening. Music was undoubtedly the highlight of the night, as chilled BBQ vibes were maintained by Queens’ resident DJ’s, who then gave away to sing along hits provided by Colonel Spanky’s Love Ensemble, which drew the crowds to the small stage. The night was closed by Cardinal Sound with a set blending grime, garage and drum and bass in an unexpected but well received change in tone from the rest of the evening, keeping people dancing until 1am.

Overall, Bounce was as fun as any big May Week event, but simplified – which in fact wasn’t a bad thing. Smaller capacity simply meant less queuing and getting lost leaving more time for having fun with friends – ultimately all May balls are about anyway. The best May Week event you will find for £27.