Review: CamFM – Phin’s Barmy Brunch

Ateka Tarajia 5 May 2014

Phin’s Barmy Brunch is indeed barmy! For those of you who don’t know already (really, where have you been?) Phin Adams is no longer Phin Adams, but instead ‘Pop Man’! The wacky radio presenter changed his name via deed poll to Pop Man, (or did he?) and cannot change it back unless he’s able to play through every British number one hit from the 1950s to the present day on his radio show before he graduates.

With about a month to go, Pop Man was flying through the mid 80s with hits like Diana Ross’ Chain Reaction, to the more dubious number ones; Spitting Image’s Chicken Song and Nick Berry’s Every Loser Wins. Listening to the show reminded me that actually, there was some decent music before the golden age of my own 90's childhood. Certain tracks, like Berlin’s Take My Breath Away (theme tune from Top Gun), had a slightly nostalgic feel about them. 

Interspersed between the music was Phin’s infectious enthusiasm – how on earth anyone can be so animated at 10am on a Sunday morning, I will never know. Nonetheless, his upbeat energy certainly pulled me out of my sleepy Sunday coma. He’s even been recognised for his bountiful pep by the Student Radio Awards, where he won the coveted Kevin Greening Award, and if that doesn’t impress you enough, Phin’s also been nominated for ‘Speech Personality of the Year’ at the Radio Academy Awards, where he’s up against the giants of the radio world, including Nick Ferrari of LBC and TalkSPORTS’s Johnny Vaughan.

It’s not just about the music either, Phin’s also giving away free stuff on his show (FREE!) With his weekly competitions allowing one very lucky listener to win, not only a scrumptious sticky bun from Fitzbillies, but also a highly sought after ‘Phin’s Barmy Brunch’ pen! His regular ‘5 a day’ feature includes a word of the day, a joke, a phrase, a motivational quote, and an ‘on this day’, all of which enlightened me enough to give me greater confidence in my suitability as an undergraduate at Cambridge.

Pop Man has some serious talent – go and be his friend before he hits the big time. Listen to his show every Sunday at 10-12pm, and do it soon, he’s about to hit the glorious 90s!