Review: Cheese and other things that there are

Ryan Potter and Olivia Symington 5 February 2014

Ben Pope, the current president of the Cambridge footlights, in his newest stand-up comedy show, Cheese and other things that there are, had created high expectations among the audience. Ben, a third year classics student, has featured prominently in the Cambridge comedy and drama scene, and, unsurprisingly, did not disappoint.

The curtains opened to an expectant round of applause and the night progressed with the discussion of a variety of topics, revolving, as he rightly said, around the theme of a "grim whimsy", typified with a careful balance of flamboyance and tales of untimely erections. The material was spot on for Cambridge students, well pitched and relatable, combining the adolescent worries of life after graduation and an element of intellectual comedy appreciated by the majority of the audience, if not all. Music, literature, and the aforementioned cheese were considered, including references to Trolius and Cressida with a cast dressed as bees covered in gravy, and the suggestion of seduction to the tune of the “Marimba”.

In the initial audience participations, Ben was sharp when responding to the replies, displaying his innate comedic talent, however, some of the later elements of the show involving audience interaction fell a little short, although this may have been due to the high tolerance levels of lactose within the audience members and bad luck with those to whom he spoke. The only other possible criticism of an otherwise fantastic show would be the reuse of material heard in previous sketches, although this was not necessarily a negative of the show, as it was good to hear some of the old jokes again, with a different spin.

It would be unwise to miss this comedic opportunity. A fantastic night filled with laughter and frivolity. A must see.