Review: Chill

Davina Moss 30 January 2014

Frozen yoghurt is definitely where it’s at. Conquering the humble ice-cream parlour, the frozen yoghurt bar is mounting a takeover from the coffee shop as the go-to snack and have on our chat venue, and like everything else that’s been halfway around the world, it’s finally made its way to Cambridge in the form of chic new shop, Chill, on Green St.

Offering three flavours (natural, chocolate and blueberry) and a decent selection of toppings (fresh fruit, bubble tea bubbles, crunchy granola and pomegranate seeds), Chill is clearly focusing on quality over quantity. While it might lack the bewildering flavour-range of American froyo giant Pinkberry or the silky-smooth heaviness of London’s darling Snog, its offerings aren’t half bad. Despite the avowed strangeness of eating freezing cold food in the middle of winter, the product itself is pleasant enough, toppings generously portioned and service very friendly indeed.

I opted for natural yoghurt, which was very pleasant, although the very intense yoghurt flavour may not be to the taste of froyo. However my companion opted for the infinitely superior chocolate, whose cocoa richness almost had me purchasing a second pot for myself.

For two small cups of yoghurt with a couple of toppings each, our bill came to more than £7, which seemed quite a bit when we demolished them in less than ten minutes. Combined with the exquisitely uncomfortable (but dashingly fashionable) seats on which one perches, I wasn’t really sure that they wanted me to stick around.

Chill is definitely worth a try, and for those who have missed good froyo in your life, it’s delightful to have it on our doorsteps. But perhaps when the early rush is over, the sheen of Chill might fade. But for now, FROYOLO!