Review: Christ’s May Ball

Rebecca Goldsmith 22 June 2018

I don’t think any serious foodies attending Christ’s were left disappointed. Each court had an impressive variety of choices, ranging from oysters, Jack’s Gelato and cupcakes, to Aromi, sweet potato fries and churro stalls. I didn’t spot any vegan or vegetarian options, but I imagine the mac and cheese and pizza catered to that audience. Food stalls kept running long into the night, meaning although the ‘breakfast’ served from 3am onwards was a little disappointing (poached pears and not much else by the time we got there at 4am), waffle stalls kept hungry ball attendees going.

Alcohol provision was overall very impressive – drink stalls included ‘tipsy tea’ cocktails, elderflower cider and shot tents. Although fairly minimal on non-alcoholic drinks, there was a lot of water and coffee available as the night went on!

The ball’s theme, ‘A Night’s Tale’, was affirmed by the quantities of mead, hog meat and cauldron juice on offer, but was less apparent in the decor. The first court featured a crowned bar, and there was a fiery dragon near the main stage, but apart from that themed decorations largely consisted of cobwebs, ivy and creatures in jars. Nevertheless, the pink and gold wristbands, invitations and programmes created a fairly consistent aesthetic.

One of the main attractions for Christ’s ball was the headliner Toploader, famed for their hit ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’. The band’s performance was fairly disappointing, but perhaps that should have been expected. Their set, which ended early, consisted of songs from their various albums, covers of Elton John, and, eventually, their main hit, which they only played once. Despite that, performances from other bands such as the tribute band Antarctic Monkeys definitely made up for this, alongside the seemingly endless other entertainment activities on offer, including dodgems, a casino, caricatures and a silent disco.