Review: Comic Sans Men 2.0

Munira Rajkotwalla 21 February 2019
Image Credit: Comic Sans Men 2.0 via Facebook


As the punny title suggests, Comic Sans Men 2.0 was an incredible night of improv sketch comedy that I would recommend to anyone. If the tickets are still on sale, grab them now!

The show begins with the MC asking the audience to throw about random words which she then uses to perform her own little piece of stand up comedy. An audience member yells out the word “pineapple”. We then hear from the MC about how her dad loves pineapple, how she loves sexual health and how condoms can sometimes be multipurposed and used as shoes. The cast of ten comedians (plus the token ‘man’ on stage) then use this material to perform short impromptu pieces. The second half of the night saw prompts such as toenails looking like curly fries and sleeping with your step-dad. It all ended when the cast came together to perform an incredible song on bunions. What a night!

I have observed that a lot of the comedy shows in Cambridge this year have had quite a gendered participation. As such, it was refreshing to see female comedians being enabled to engage confidently with comedy. The immense talent on stage was palpable and left the audience laughing all evening. I was particularly impressed by the way in which cast members worked seamlessly together to produce skits. They supported each other as though they could read each other’s minds; you’d think they had been rehearsing for days rather than just coming up with content on the spot.

Ironically enough, I would say that the unsung hero of the night was the token ‘man’ on stage who improvised on the piano to complement the comedians. The background music matched the skits perfectly and was sometimes a cause for laughter in its own right.

The first half of the night was definitely more promising than the second, which saw both the cast and audience become worn out by the sometimes repetitive humor. Perhaps a short run time might be more impactful. Still, compared to the first edition of the show last year, it appears that the second run was much better produced under Sara Hazemi and Phoebe Schenk.

Overall, if tonight’s show is anything like yesterday, I’d definitely suggest giving it a go. The chance to support the emerging female comedic talent of Cambridge is already a sell for me.