Review: Daughter at The Junction – 26th October

Edward Taylor 31 October 2013

I fell in love with Daughter when I caught the end of her set at Bestival, where she somehow captured a few hundred drunken souls, and reduced them to stillness and silence.

The atmosphere that they create is magically dark and stimulating all the same. Towels cover a simple array of percussion which create an exhilarating sensation with continuous driving beats through instrumental sections. This is complemented by eerie echo and reverb-filled electric guitar with violin-bowed passages that slice like a knife through the wall of sound. On top of it all, or in a moment of calm reflection when everything breaks away, Elena’s soft, effortless voice reaches you with beautiful lyrics as if she is singing them right in your ear.

I was surrounded by a sea of teenage female voices, dutifully accompanied by their ‘I can show emotion too/this might get me laid’ boyfriends. One fainted three times and had to be carried out. I really got the sense that Daughter has managed to reach out both lyrically, perhaps through being aired on Skins, to a generation of reckless and wild youth.

The performance was not without fault however. Elena’s vocals were too quiet for the first few songs, and the harmony vocals were almost unheard throughout. ‘Landfill’ became rushed, and Elena messed up her guitar in ‘Youth’ which left her holding her head in embarrassment.

It ended in an orgasmic instrumental outro to ‘Home’ which cast a cloud of awe over the entire room; the audience was left almost too startled to applaud. The room quietly emptied: it felt rude to make any noise and resumed their everyday lives, wondering how on earth Daughter makes such a good sound.