Review: Dive: A Sketch Show Underwater

Mr Fish 6 February 2020

The concept of an underwater sketch show may seem a little bizarre to audience members entering the Corpus Playroom, and by the time they leave their suspicions will have been confirmed.

Dive is a very unique show indeed – I have never seen a show quite like it, in Cambridge or elsewhere – but its crazy aquatic nature is quite charming. Without revealing too many spoilers the show operates as a menagerie of individual comedic sketches which interconnect to paint a chuckle-abundant picture of life beneath the waves, somewhat akin to a Footlights Smoker crossed with Creature Comforts.

Image credit: Grace Glevey

The sketches loosely follow an Olympic swimmer’s one-man mission to join the creatures of the ocean and become a certified fish, having grown tired of life on land. On this absurd quest the audience comes across many a friend and foe from the calmly drifting jellies to Torch-head the angler fish and even Poseidon, God of the Ocean. The tale will involve forks, catfish, crustaceans and wine, but not as you’ve ever seen them before.

Image credit: Grace Glevey

The sketches are each incredibly varied, some with quite different styles of comedy to others. This provides for a very diverse show which avoids becoming too fragmented and is held together by the wacky central narrative. Of the 5 actors, all play an assortment of crazy characters, an impressive feat given the hectic nature of the show. Together they create an image of undersea life unlike anything audiences have ever seen before.

Image credit: Grace Glevey

Dive is a witty and novel show with assorted styles of comedy which, all mixed up together, make for a wild and aquatic viewing experience.

4 stars.