Review: Dragtime! Presents: #SQUADGHOULS

Zoe Maple 30 October 2020
Image credit: ADC Theatre

Following last year’s Things That Go Bump N’ Grind in The Night, Dragtime! is back with a treat (and more than a few tricks) for Halloween season with #SQUADGHOULS. The show promises a thrilling ride through the dark side of drag, and the cast well and truly deliver.

The show promises a thrilling ride through the dark side of drag, and the cast well and truly deliver.

Adapting admirably well to Covid restrictions, Dragtime! delivers their performance via live stream, without losing any of their stage presence or sense of connection with the audience – and all the while managing to make their protective visors look like fashion accessories. So you can settle in at home for a night of strange and spooky Halloween fun!
Showcasing talent both old and new, the cast provides a wide variety of entertainment, from lip syncing, spoken word and singing, to dancing, burlesque and live music. Along with exciting performance, the stunning costumes, props and effects all work together to create a truly atmospheric production.

Presenters Charlene Collins and Magic Dyke both welcomed the audience and kept them constantly entertained with their hilarious, larger-than-life personalities, as well as demonstrating impressive improvisation in the face of staging difficulties.
Though there was the occasional dip in energy – something which is sure to improve as the nights go on – the show was overall thoroughly entertaining and kept you on the edge of your seat. The highlights of the night included: the new talent Powdered Sugar who’s intensity and energy was infectious; returning graduate King Hoberon who displayed a captivating grace; Magic Dyke’s positively electric performance; and Charlene Collins’ show-stopping number, which was as entrancing as it was terrifying.

Overall, Dragtime! has put together a wonderful showcase of drag performance, and every single cast member had something spookily spectacular to offer. #SQUADGHOULS is the perfect show for having some fun and getting into the Halloween spirit.

4 stars