Review: Evolution

Rachel Pollitt 21 January 2015

The ADC has once again opened its doors to the dance scene by welcoming The Cambridge University Dance Society onto its stage. The society’s latest piece, Evolution, begins with a vibrant array of entrances of the dancers consisting of high energy movements and fast moving snapshots of choreography and music. The show features a variety of dance styles, from classical ballet to belly dance and hip hop, and the transitions between each work surprisingly well, despite the fact that the individual pieces bear no relation to each other and do not follow a continuous narrative.  

As a performance, the show is exhilarating in its pace; the work as a whole is also very polished, from the dances themselves to the lighting and costume, which intensify the mood the dance is portraying and transport the audience inside the vision of the dancer. Most dancers appear to be capable of pulling off a range of styles with confidence and ease, though some excel more than others in storytelling ability and in portraying emotion. Whilst the diversity of the show is something that generally works in its favour, it has the potential to disorientate, since there is no introduction to who will be performing next or what style they will be performing. It may, in places, be useful to have a brief synopsis of each piece, or a starting point from which the dancers worked.

The choreography illustrated in the show is original and innovative. The dancers engage with the steps they are performing and it seems, whether there is one dancer on stage or ten, that they are enthusiastic to convey emotion in tandem with their movements. This came across particularly well in a style of Indian dance performed as every stomp, hand twirl and jingle of a bell appeared to be endowed with mystical meaning.

Opening night will always trigger nerves and some fell victim to them, but the show was well received and applause was in abundance for a show which provided a welcome break from the plays, musicals, and sketch shows which otherwise dominate the ADC stage.



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Evolution is on at the ADC, 7.45pm until the 24th. Get your tickets online at