Review: Footlights Smoker

Louise O'Neil and Eleni Pahita 29 January 2014

There is always an excited vibe around the ADC theatre on the night of a smoker and this occasion did not disappoint. Despite a very minor microphone issue at the very beginning, the show continued with overwhelming energy. The variety of acts ranged from a surreal monologue by an amoeba to a sketch about dissatisfied customers at a restaurant. 

The majority of the performers were regular footlights, but still continued to show creativity and originality. The show was dominated by stand-up comedy with stories about town-gown rivalry, drug abuse and the troubles of not being well-prepared during an adventure abroad. Even though a few stand-ups seemed to lose direction, most of them left you wanting more.

The long stand-ups were complemented by an assortment of sketches. Several of them, whilst only a few lines long, were still effective and enjoyable. This sketch included possessed grandmother, the personification of a library book and the relatable dependence of Cambridge students on them.

Other well received performances required no speech at all, such as the replicated version of a conversation between two Sims characters and the representation of a typical night of clubbing.

One of the most memorable sketches depicted a spider taunting its prey until it was revealed that the spider’s wife wore the trousers. A similarly impressive sketch was that of a stand–up heckled before it even began by an unknown source, which turned out to be a very disappointed father.

Overall the show lived up to its superb reputation and proved to be a great outing. It’s definitely something that must be experienced during your time in the bubble.