Review: Game of Thrones, Home

Benedict Welch 7 May 2016


Get in there! What we’ve all been hoping and praying for finally happened. Jon Snow is alive! And it turns out the secret to his revival: a not too shabby beard trim, who’d have thought it? But of course, we were made to wait until the closing seconds of the episode for this huge revelation.

Preceding that was what can only be described as a succession of very violent family disputes. First, Ramsay Bolton plunges a knife into his father, then the elder Greyjoy brothers have a domestic on a rickety bridge in the middle of a tempest-like storm – we all knew that was only going to end one way. Overall, not a good day for the heads of houses. And to top it all off, Game of Thrones can now add a baby being mauled to death to the list of shocking things it has depicted in its show. If we didn’t hate Ramsay before, we certainly do now, but with him now in charge of Winterfell all hell is set to break loose in the North, which is exactly what we like to see.

Elsewhere, Bran finally came out of his tree after an entire series absent and his powers seem to have developed somewhat in this interim time. His visions of the past add an interesting dynamic to the show. We’re being set up for the reveal of big secrets in the past life of Ned Stark which might have huge ramifications for the characters in the present day. For instance, a major fan theory is that Jon Snow may actually have Targaryen blood, his familial lineage being half in the dark. If this is the case, big things are ahead of him – I mean, if you can get any bigger than resurrection, that is. With regards to that inevitable development, I feel it has been well placed in the series. The first episode allowed us to doubt just enough that the scene definitely wasn’t an anti-climax. Equally, there’s now plenty of the series left for Snow to get out there and generally renew his awesomeness.

 Beyond that there was an exceedingly tense scene as Tyrion confronted two huge dragons, and didn’t get burnt to a cinder. In fact, the dragons seemed to take very kindly to him indeed. Perhaps, and bear with me here, there’s a little Targaryen blood in him too. Targaryens, Targaryens everywhere – it would certainly make for an interesting series.