Review: Game of Thrones, Oathbreaker

Benedict Welch 13 May 2016

**WARNING: Contains Spoilers**

Let’s face it our weekly instalment of Game of Thrones is an hour of blood, betrayal and gore which is perfect for exam term procrastination. This week definitely didn’t disappoint, giving us glimpses of even more storylines we’d almost forgotten existed. We’ve certainly hit that frustrating point in the season where so much is happening it is impossible for the show to progress down every avenue all in one episode.

Nevertheless, if I know GoT, and I think I do, they’re just setting us up tantalisingly for a succession of ground breaking revelations later on the season (which usually comes in the form of a brutal cull of all our favourite characters). It is tempting to say that not much happened this week in comparison to some of the stand out episodes from the past. But everything that did happen we know will turn out to be essential in the overarching storyline. With this programme, every little detail counts.

First of all, we have to mention sassy Jon Snow’s mic drop moment to close the episode as he strutted out of castle black to face the rest of Westeros. This is definitely very exciting. It’s great to see Jon finally about to engage in the world below The Wall again because, frankly, he’s too good a character to be stuck up there forever. Also, we had the reappearance of the youngest Stark boy, Rickon, who, let’s be honest, I had completely forgotten was a person. He unfortunately now provides Ramsay Bolton with a new object of playful torture and as well as a bargaining tool with the rest of the North.

On top of that we saw Daenerys stripped of her remaining finery to join the widows of the Great Khals. It’s certainly a change of fortune for her and I look forward to seeing how she overcomes this major setback in her quest to regain her rightful place on the Iron Throne.

Finally, Bran’s visions are providing us with essential insight into the past life of Ned Stark. If you think about it, pretty much every single conflict and death in the program so far is a consequence of the past disputes we’re now seeing played out before us. However, to find the secrets hidden in the past, Bran must stay in the tree and be mentored in his powers until he learns, quote: EVERYTHING. Hmmm, sounds a bit like a Cambridge degree.