Review: Girls

Grace Murray 12 February 2015

One word to describe the first three episodes of Girls season four: bleh. When the series first came out in 2012, it was a breath of fresh air and lauded by most as an honest and contemporary take on women and life in the Big Apple. Girls was an anti-SexandtheCity statement that made viewers giddily cackle. But season four’s self-absorption rapidly becomes irritating: it’s as if Hannah’s on-screen narcissism – one of her many charming anti-charms – infects the series as a whole. Hannah’s move to study writing at Iowa State takes centre-stage, and it feels as if the whole gist of the series, what brought it to fame in the first place, has been perverted.

The opening episode is a self-consciously neat conclusion, with Hannah leaving for Iowa and happy with her boyfriend Adam, which announces an explosion. It’s always hard to know when to say enough is enough and that a series should no longer continue, but Lena Dunham has trod over the fine line. It’s still early enough in the season to see a positive plot twist, but from the way this one is headed, it won’t be able to rival the freshness of the first two seasons.

Apart from the irritating storyline of season four, the acting quality is consistently good – with special praise for Alex Karpovsky’s natural portrayal of Ray, and special disapproval for the actress playing Beedie’s daughter.          

So if you can’t bear to give up on Girls, watch at your own risk. But for your own good, move on.