Review: Path of Exile

Vijay Maharajan 31 October 2013

After the much-hyped Diablo III disappointed many gamers (including me), especially after the phenomenal success of its predecessors, it was a breath of fresh air to pick up Path of Exile, which is being hailed by those who play it as being everything Diablo III was supposed to be and more. It may have only just been fully released, but this game has been in beta (a test version of the game that is available to the public so they can help the developers) since January and, as such, it already has a large and devoted fan base. Participating in this open beta was a great way to get excited for release, especially as the developer (Grinding Gear Games) is a brand new studio.

On the face of it, it doesn’t seem like such a massive change from other games of this ilk, like the aforementioned Diablo III and Torchlight. You create your character and team up with friends and strangers to gain experience and items by completing quests and killing monsters in a dark fantasy world.

However, this game boasts a huge combat tree, as well as an incredibly high difficulty with long, randomly generated dungeons and bosses which force thoughtful teamwork. There’s also a large weapon choice, allowing you to pick the perfect item to complement your skills. There are 1350 skills that are gained by leveling up or (occasionally) as rewards, which manifest as gems which can be applied to the player’s items. True to the setting, the art style is dank and oppressive, but the graphics are quite demanding on your computer.

The main draw of this new blood, though, is that it’s completely free to play and they claim that the microtransactions used to fund it are ‘ethical’. This dark MMORPG is one to take on if you want a game that challenges you and keeps you interested! If you enjoyed Diablo, then Path of Exile is the game for you.