Review: Revelations

Tom Bevan 11 November 2015

Set against the white walls of the new cellar, a glorious conglomeration of clichés is explored by the Pembroke players in their new sketch show: Revelations. To use every cliché in the book, because they wouldn’t have it any other way, this show looks at the good, the bad and the ugly of student life in a whistle stop tour of the twenty first century. A must see for anyone who has personally experienced the hell of the YouTube comment section or who predicts that ‘lads’ will inevitably play an astonishing role in the next apocalypse.

Awkward introductions aside, the anticipation as you watch silhouettes walk onto the stage with lightsabers and hobby horses during the sketch transitions is immense. This is a sketch show for the friends of ‘That One Guy Who”. Filled with the clichés we know and love, and the things we all know and hate, the sketches take you from the world of Cambridge college humour to the world filled with your worst nightmares, Taylor Swift, Giant Lizards and seventeen hours of constant sex in which a bicycle pump highly features.

Not without the hiccups a student sketch show almost requires, there were music list malfunctions and laptop mishaps but they only added a slapstick element to the comedy that the four star cast was creating. This is a comedy show that knows, as we all do when we make a bad move, that the best way to cover our backs is to laugh at ourselves – self-depreciative humour. The sketches towards the end of the show mock the sketches that played out towards the beginning of the show. The characters step out of their roles to mock themselves and each other and you cannot help but love the confidence with which they do it. This show reminds us how to laugh at each other but also how to laugh at that student aspiring to write a play that can embody a great overarching theme of betrayal in a single metaphor.

This is, without doubt, the perfect show to celebrate the end of week five. It will remind you that, so long as your phone does not die at sixteen percent battery, life is actually pretty great. Unless you are at Downing, but even then you will still get a garden party at the end of it.