Review: Skylight

Amelia Oakley 13 January 2016

Skylight is an Olivier Award winning play by David Hare, directed by Amelia Oakley, which follows two ex lovers who meet up on a cold winter’s evening, despite not having seen each other since the end of a long term relationship. The plot is basic, allowing the quality of the actors to really shine through. What makes the play is the subtle glances, facial expressions and the essence of emotional connection that exist between the characters of Kyra and Will, which establish an intimate relationship throughout. It is indeed the exchange between Kyra (Georgie Henley) and Tom (Will Bishop) that captivates the audience and keeps the play flowing.

Tom Taplin who plays Edward, Tom's son, also deserves a mention; he expertly portrays a stroppy 18 year old, making there seem a clear divide between himself and Kyra in perceived maturity and respect. Having such a small cast in comparison to the audience does not intimidate the actors and their huge confidence in assuming the roles while being immensely impressive also makes it possible for elements of their personalities to seamlessly merge with their part.  

Most of the one and a half hour play is conversational dialogue, and consequently, the cast is tasked with keeping the audience interested and entertained. The stage set (from Set Designer Michael Morrison) is simple but there is fine attention paid to little details, from fridge magnets to a loaf of bread to pot plants, that nicely evoke the feel of a flat, making the whole play intimate and ultimately giving the feeling that the audience in the living room. Throughout the performance, spaghetti bolognese is being cooked, with onions and all the works, which again makes the play seem more atmospheric and realistic. The juxtaposition between the laid back and casual setting with the seriousness of the speech is really effective, and highlights that real life can have enough material to be in a play itself. 

Although at times intense and emotional, the play itself is really funny, and if you have a good knowledge of London areas, the play is definitely worth a watch as a lot of the comedy is centred around this. The play is a must see, and, all in all, it feels more as if  you are in the play rather than watching. Brilliant.



Skylight runs at the Corpus Playroom until the 16th January