Review: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Emily Handley 24 November 2012

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Bill Condon 12A 115 mins


The final instalment of Stephanie Meyer’s Gothic love story Twilight opened this month to equal measures of ecstatic rapture from the ‘Twihards’, and bemusement from everyone else. The second part of Breaking Dawn was a fitting end to the trilogy that charts the vampire Edward Cullen’s love affair with Bella Swann. The latest feature offers a satisfying conclusion with a battle between the vampires and Demali coven, who have mistakenly reported that the Cullens have broken vampire law by giving birth to a mortal child that was bitten by a vampire.

Yet to see the other Twilight films or read the books fully, I was consigned to call myself a ‘Twihater’, forever condemned to run the risk of being lynched every time I went into H&M. After being persuaded to see this by a friend, I found the action scenes very accomplished, but the characterisation seemed slightly cliched and one-dimensional.

Kristen Stewart was at her strongest as she protected her family from the relentless Volturi, led by a chilling Michael Sheen as Aro, yet Robert Pattinson’s brooding performance as Edward Cullen never seemed to progress beyond whispering sweet nothings to his new wife in a meadow. While the cinematography is visually striking, it is a prelude to the climactic battle at the end. The seemingly unnecessary frequency of montages of Pattinson and Stewart in suitably photogenic surroundings ultimately contributed to slowing down the plot and to the overly long running time of the film.

Emily Handley