Review: Virgin Smoker

ASIA LAMBERT 30 October 2013

Everybody loves a virgin, and the performers tonight did not disappoint. Indeed, like this review, it began with a lukewarm virgin joke. But it rapidly improved.

Things kicked off with a satirical rendition of a much-loved speech from Gladiator and a bizarre BlackBerry version of ancient Rome. But the experimental was mixed with the classic: a cremated mother turned into some hula hoops (or was it?), a perturbed Andorran sovereign writing to the Führer, an eye-opening induction into the salacious San Francisco budget-movie scene; as well as a thought-provoking meditation upon what it means to come out as bisexual in the post-post-modern 21st century world… oh, and also a Mancunian’s bowel movement.

If I were to place my finger on the future star of tomorrow – Hugh Laurie, eat your heart out – without a doubt it would have to be the public schooled, upper-middle-class (you know the one, that Etonian everyone hates), Harry Potter-Oxbridge guy’s personal-statement style application to the Ministry of Magic. Not to be a fan girl, but I love you. Seriously. I felt that totally awkward moment when you’re the only one audibly cackling about a pun on Sirius Black. Even when it wasn’t that funny and took a second round of interpretive explanation for everyone else to catch on.

The only wrong note (if you’ll pardon the pun) was the song at the finale. The young lady in question had a lovely voice, and it was an undeniably interesting philosophical slant on this crazy world we find ourselves living in; nevertheless, I question the wisdom of placing this piece as the grand finale – it just didn’t seem to be aiming at humour and call me naïve, but this is what I expect from a Footlights smoker.

So, in conclusion, like sleeping with a virgin it wasn’t the best night ever (and over too soon), with some jokes certainly landing better than others, but all in all it was a good evening’s fun. And it certainly takes your mind off tomorrow’s looming essay deadline*.


* Just kidding, jokes, I’m an HSPS student.