Review: What’s Wrong With Me?

Rustan Smith 6 February 2020

‘What’s Wrong With Me?’ is the kind of show that plays heavily on audience energy. However, when the crowd gets into it, it’s obvious that the performers do too, and that’s where the magic happens.

Unfortunately for those behind ‘What’s Wrong With Me?’, their opening night had a pretty poor turnout, and through no real fault of their own this left the atmosphere feeling a little bit hollow, and in a show such as this, the atmosphere is everything. That’s not to say that the sketches were hollow, they certainly weren’t. There was a number of standout ones, most notably one revolving around, surprisingly, the actor Matthew Broderick.

Image credit: Katie Dugan

Whenever a show is made up of a lot of short sketches though, as ‘What’s Wrong With Me?’ is, you can end up feeling slightly unsatisfied. There were numerous sketches that had a good premise, solid performances, but then abruptly ended, and you feel that if they had just spent a little bit more time developing the punchlines, the show could have gone from good to great.

It certainly feels like in ‘What’s Wrong With Me?’ there’s a certain amount of experimentation going on, and while that can end up leaving some sketches to fall flat, it’s also exciting. You never know what’s coming next, what sort of twists are going to be thrown at you, and that’s certainly one of the strengths of the show.

Image credit: Katie Dugan

The performances of the cast have to be commended. With as small a cast as 6, just one weak performance could end up derailing the whole show, but everyone hits the mark here, and they all play well off each other. You can really sense that they’re enjoying working with each other, and that’s always an essential part of a good comedic show.

It would be remiss of me to not mention the lighting, an oft-neglected element in a comedic show. ‘What’s Wrong With Me?’ utilizes creative lighting to great effect, and the show demonstrates really well how much of a difference it can make, helping to elevate the sketches and direct the audience’s attention.

Image credit: Katie Dugan

All in all, ‘What’s Wrong With Me?’ is a good show. It isn’t the best sketch show that’s been on this season, but it’s worth seeing. The cast works very well together, and it’s clear that if this group ends up working together again with some slight tweaks, something fantastic could happen.

3 stars